School of Leaders is open to everyone in the Cursillo Movement, as we are all called to be leaders by Christ.

At each monthly meeting, members gather as a group to grow in friendship, to learn more about our movement and to learn more about our Church. We do this, like we do everything, through friendship and study. As we have already  learned through our Weekend and through our post-Cursillo, we are all Leaders.

Do you want to learn more about Cursillo? Do you want to learn more about our Catholic Faith? Do you want to gather with like-minded Catholic pilgrims? Do you want to bring Christ closer to yourself, and to others?

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School of Leaders starts with friendship followed by a technical talk on our movement, doctrinal talk, table discussions, and committee meetings.  What are the committees you might ask?  There are three equally important parts to our Movement: Pre-Cursillo, Cursillo and Post-Cursillo. Each part has a Chairperson and a committee which assist the Chair in maintaining the authenticity and integrity of the part. The committees meet during the School of Leaders meetings.  It would be wonderful if everyone was part of a committee.

This year we will be delving into the talks presented at the Cursillo Leader's Workshop in November as well as reading Reflections II - In Search of Oneself. The book costs $5 and we will have copies available for purchase, or you can purchase one from the National Cursillo website here.

"I started on my Cursillo journey in the Fall of 2009. Before my weekend, I was struggling, looking for something.  I did not know when I made my weekend that this was  what I had been looking for.  Not only has my faith increased exponentially I have made life long friends.  Cursillo has challenged me to learn so much more about my faith and about our movement as well as

challenging me to be open in discussing and living my faith."

Debe Slovak, School of Leaders Chairperson, Diocese of Bridgeport, CT

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Published on: Feb 12, 2018 08:30 PM ET
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