Here are the main forms you may need for Cursillo events. Whether you want to sign up as a Candidate for a 3-day retreat Weekend or be a Sponsor to a Candidate, we have you covered!

The 28th National Cursillo® Encounter will be held on August 16-19, 2018 at Seattle University. It is a beautiful Jesuit Catholic University located in Seattle, WA on 50 acres in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood. The 28th National Encounter registration is now open! There are only 700 seats available. The registration fee is $360 per person if the Encounter Registration Form is received at the National Cursillo Center by June 15, 2018. It’s expected to be a fully-packed National Encounter at Seattle University. See you there – bring a friend!

The Cursillo Movement in REGION 1 is doing our best to unite all Catholics living in Christ by having TWO ENCOUNTERS yearly. There are 15 Diocesan Cursillo Movements
affiliated with Region 1, and Fairfield County/Bridgeport Docese is one! Come and spend the day in fellowship, formation, and prayer, and as always, bring a friend!

If you are looking to Sponsor someone for a 3-day retreat Weekend, please fill this form out and thank you for bringing a friend into Cursillo!

Full-Day Workshop to Reignite the Fire of Our Movement and
Develop the Pathway for Growth
Come and join us Saturday, April 21st, 830am-5pm
Mt. St. Francis, Peekskill, NY

If you are a Candidate that wishes to attend a 3-day retreat Weekend and have been approached by a Sponsor, please fill this form out. If you have any questions, please email Patrick Gorman, Lay Director of the Region 1 Cursillo movement (covering all of Fairfield County/Bridgeport Diocese).

If you are looking to Sponsor someone for a 3-day retreat Weekend, please review this form. Thank you for bringing a friend into Cursillo!

Cursillo Movement of Fairfield County


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