Cursillo is a Christ-centered spiritual movement within the Catholic Church whose mission it is to help other Catholics grow in their love of the Lord and their brothers and sisters-in-Christ through friendship….and then bring the joy of HIS love to the world.


As members of the Cursillo movement, we are called to help people meet, engage new members, and form lasting friendships with current members. We help structure the Weekends, help members find others to form Groups, and train members to be Sponsors to potential Candidates. 

Our Team Members:
Patrick Gorman

Lay Director,

Diocese of Bridgeport, CT


The Lay Director of our Diocesan Cursillo is the "servant of the servants" of the Diocesan Secretariat. The Lay Director is the liason to the Regional and National Cursillo leadership, and is entrusted to ensure that the Diocesan movement is faithful to the original charism of the Cursillo movement. Secretariat meetings are conducted by the lay director; the lay director empowers the various committees of the Diocesan Cursillo to advance the agenda that is aligned with the Cursillo Apostolic Plan. The Diocesan Lay Director serves a term of three years, and is expected to represent the local diocesan movement at Regional and National Encounters. Email Patrick Gorman, Lay Director of the Fairfield Cursillo Movement.

Debe Slovak

School of Leaders Chairperson,
Diocese of Bridgeport, CT


School of Leaders “is an operational structure of the Movement. The School is a community of Christians who, united in the atmosphere of a Group Reunion, work every day to become more centered, more committed, and more united, so as to accelerate

in themselves, in the Movement, and in their environments the living out of what is fundamental, for being a Christian.” What does this mean? It means we gather as a group to grow in friendship, to learn more about our movement and to learn more about

our Church. We do this, like we do everything, through friendship and study. As we have already  learned through our Weekend and through our post-Cursillo, we are all Leaders.

Lori Candela

Group & Ultreya Manager, Post Cursillo,

Diocese of Bridgeport, CT

The role of the Postcursillo Chairperson is to ensure that you are provided with the opportunities to continue to renew and develop the transformation that began on your Cursillo weekend. Through Group Reunions and Ultreyas you will find groups of Christians who share in faith and friendship, prayer and witness and a desire to deepen their relationship with Christ. Other events are also held throughout the year including the Cursillo Lenten and Advent Mornings of Reflection and the Cursillo Men’s Breakfast and Women’s Breakfast.  Each gathering provides you with the chance to make a friend, be a friend, and bring a friend to Christ.


We are always looking for members who would like to share witness talks, their musical talents, or participate in providing hospitality at Ultreyas and other gatherings. Please contact me if you would like more information.  You are always welcome.

Mike Bonomo

3-Day Committee Chairperson
Diocese of Bridgeport, CT



The 3-day committee is responsible for the planning, organizing and support of the Cursillo 3 – day weekends. This stage of Cursillo is where candidates and Team come together to encounter Christ in a personal way as we continue our pilgrim faith journey. The 3-Day committee works with the weekend Lay and Spiritual Coordinators and Assistant Coordinators in planning the weekend. 3-day provides supplies, organizes footprints for prayer coverage, organizes requests for food from the community and secures the facility for the weekends.


We would be very happy, ecstatic even, to have more help with 3-day Committee! If you can lend a hand, even just from time to time, please contact me by phone or text. Thanks and DeColores!

Sue Constantino

Pre-Cursillo Chairperson
 Diocese of Bridgeport, CT


The Pre-Cursillo committee works together to hold workshops to aid Cursillistas with sponsorship guidelines and activities. Pre-Cursillo is the first of three stages of the Cursillo movement. We are looking to expand our committee membership. Email Sue Constantino, Pre-Cursillo Chairperson, if you are interested in joining this committee.


Communications Chairperson,
Diocese of Bridgeport, CT

The Communications Chairperson works with all other Team leaders for the upkeep of the website, as well as general flow of communications between members. Email Pat Gorman, Lay Director, if you are interested in heading this committee.

Deacon Tom Masaryk

Spiritual Advisor
 Diocese of Bridgeport, CT


Deacon Thomas Masaryk; The Diocesan Spiritual Advisor


I lived my Cursillo in the Fall of 1993 as a lay person, and have previously served on Secretariat as the Palanca Chairperson, as well as being very active on the Post Cursillo Committee and School of Leaders. In my active participation in Cursillo, I served on team for the 3 Day Weekend as Rector, Assistant Rector, Head Cha, and have given most of the rollos during the weekend, some numerous times. While serving on a weekend in 2003, I clearly heard the call to diaconate. I was ordained in 2008, and served in my new roll as a Spiritual Advisor at Ultreya, School of Leaders, and on the weekends. In 2003 I was appointed by the bishop to assist Fr. Ed McAuley, who was the Diocesan Spiritual Advisor at the time. The following year, when Fr Ed’s commitment was completed, Bishop Frank Caggiano appointed me as the Diocesan Spiritual Advisor to the movement.


The Diocesan Spiritual Advisor maintains a link between the Movement and the Bishop’s Office. He insures the proper spiritual assistance to Cursillo by keeping vigil of the doctrinal soundness of the message being proclaimed; by acquiring other priests, deacons, and vowed religious to assist with the Doctrinal Rollos and Meditations during the weekends, as well as in the School of Leaders, and in the Spiritual Advisor’s role during the Ultreya. The Spiritual Advisor helps and encourages the Secretariat members to discern all their activities in prayer. All clergy and religious who serve as Spiritual Advisors in the movement help to foster the spiritual life and the apostolic sense of the laity. A Spiritual Advisor may also act as a Spiritual Director when it comes to active Spiritual Direction for the Cursillista, especially in the Post Cursillo, or, during the School of Leaders and Ultreya.                      (taken from the National Cursillo Spiritual Advisor’s Manual)

A Few Terms….


Pre-Cursillo is the first of three stages of the Cursillo movement. This stage relies primarily on evangelization to achieve its purpose – which is bringing candidates into the Cursillo. Pre-Cursillo works with sponsors and potential candidates by providing education, information and preparation for a Cursillo weekend. Applications are forwarded to the Pre-Cursillo chairperson who works with the Spiritual Director to approve candidates for an upcoming weekend.Sponsors can send applications at any time. The Pre-Cursillo chairperson maintains records and rosters and sends information to sponsors prior to a weekend. As a member of Secretariat, the Pre-Cursillo chairperson provides updates on Pre-Cursillo activities and status of candidates prior to a weekend.

Cursillo Apostolic Plan:

Provides accountability to the movement in the role it plays as a lay movement within the Catholic Church. The Plan is written by the Secretariate and submitted to the Diocese for approval every year. Click here to view the full 2018 plan. 

Regional Encounters:
Cursillo is a National and international movement within the United States. There are 12 Regions across the country. The Diocese of Bridgeport is part of Region 1. 

National Encounters:

An annual event hosted in the summer where Cursillistas across the United States gather to meet and renew their mission.

Cursillo Movement of Fairfield County



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